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The Hub’s aim is to ensure that the social equity provisions of New York’s cannabis law are realized by providing information, opportunities, and support to the communities that were most harmed by cannabis prohibition. It will be a central space for New Yorkers to learn about economic opportunities, how to navigate the application and licensing process, and get connected to educational resources and support.

The Hub is being launched as a project of The Bronx Defenders, in partnership with The Bronx Community Foundation. Our immediate goal will be helping social equity applicants through the licensing application process, with educational services to follow. To this end we’re creating a clinic in partnership with cannabis legal expert, Cristina Buccola, Esq., and in tandem with pro bono law firms and support from the New York Cannabis Project.

The Hub also aims to work in coalition of Bronx-based community organizations to educate, engage, and advocate for Bronxites in the cannabis industry.

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CAURD Crash Course: Applying for a cannabis dispensary license in New York - July 20, 2022.


Interested in Applying?

The deadline for applying for the Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary Licenses is September 26! Unfortunately, we have reached capacity and can no longer offer assistance for this round of licenses. But stay tuned–we will be here to help with future rounds of licenses applications when they become available.

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